Bean & Tomato Fencing

NOW, we have a LBT Fence!! NO, not Lettuce, Bacon and Tomato Fence but an L-shaped Bean and Tomato Fence.

Panels are 1800 high and 900mm wide and they can be assembled in an instant with cable ties.

Bean Fencing
For transport reasons, panels are only 1 metre high. A second 1 metre panel can be fixed on top with cable ties (supplied) to make the fence either 2 metres high or you can assemble it to a dimension in between.

Tomato plants can be woven through the mesh as they grow, with no need to tie them in place. Beans will find their own way!! I was surprised how rigid the fence became once there was a plant growing at the bottom!! Old growth is easily removed from the rigid fence at the end of the season.

Each panel has 7 x 150mm spikes holding it in the ground. The mesh is hot dip galvanized and will outlast the reader.